Melanie Bell Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant


Channel Readings

Channel reading are my most popular reading. These readings are great as you get a hard copy of your reading emailed to you which you can always look back on at another date.

Each of my reading can be anywhere from 2 pages up to 10 depending on how much information comes from my spirit guides.

I never set a time limit on these reading due to I never know how much information will come until I start each reading

I do my Channel readings by asking for 6 questions, DOB and also a photo. I use these as a tool to guide into your energy around you and my guides so that I can pick up on message which relates to the past, present and future.

Channel readings are done via email.

How I do my readings is that I ask for 6 questions, these can be anything you wish to ask in the reading. The reading isn't just bound to these 6 questions, other information my spirit guides express while I am doing your reading is written down and passed on. I do use these questions along with your DOB and photo to make sure that I have a stronger channel with you and also your own spirit guides that are linked to you.

I have been doing Channel reading now for over 17 years and with each reading I pass on as much information as I can from my guides to help you with what may sits in front of you

Channel Reading

One Reading $80.00

3 channel reading

Two Readings $145.00

SAVE $15.00