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January the 31st Super Full Moon with an Eclipse spiritual write up <3 .

With the rumbling energy twisting and turning around us, as we head into our January’s Super Eclipse Blood Full Moon, there is so much tapping on our shoulders trying to gain our attention as we lead into the magnificent event on the 31st of January.

This Super Full Moon is not only going to help bring resolution and closure to what can only be classed as one of the most emotionally exhausting, thought-provoking, challenging and downright draining year, or should I say second half of the year we had in 2017. This amazing Super Full Moon is also going to open and activate a new sense of energy, sparkling light and belonging that we are all going to be working alongside until the next round of Eclipses in 2018 (in July and August).

This Super Full Moon is a time to shine, as you bring forward energies that will enable you to find closure, release and the letting go of what has held you back, and bring forward the need to finding endings in what isn’t enabling us to reach a higher level of self. With the Full Moon in magnificent Leo, its time we manifest our intentions through self-expression, our romantic side and creativity within.

Hearts will be set on fire moving into this Super Full Moon as we gain a massive shift of energy which seen us feeling less than ideal in 2017. Our romantic side tumbled alongside our emotional wellbeing, as we treaded water trying to find our way lost in the storm that was 2017. With this Super Full Moon, we are out to free ourselves from the chains that held us back as we find the courageousness within to ignite the sparks to what (or who) will help us to feel alive, passionate and confident once again moving forward in 2018.

We are all still on a massive learning curve, but it’s one that’s not shaking us to the core as much due to our ability to finally see our self-worth and value. We are all just as important as each other, no one more than the other, and as we have all been left a little raw from the fallout of last year, we are moving into this Super Full Moon with an open mind and heart, ready to accept the challenges we face instead of trying to buck against them due to our stubbornness.

We all need to remember that if we are tired, fatigued, burnt out, and washed-out energy-wise etc our whole life right down to our relationships, family dynamics, careers, interests, and general peace of mind will all suffer dramatically. Finding our self-worth has been what’s very much needed over the last 6 months. We have been brought to the attention of self, in that therefore taking care of ourselves is absolutely vital if we want other areas of our lives to be well-cared for and blossom. We all must live empowered moving forward with this Super Full Moon.

It’s time to recharge our batteries and gain a sense of release as we shine a bright light on to and into areas required, to help point out the path which needs to be taken so that we can embark on amazing turning points that are vital in our lives in 2018.

In Love and Light Everyone <3 <3 <3

In Love and Light


In Love and Light