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Online Tarot Reading

Your online tarot reading will be done in the same way as I read for clients at home, laying out the Celtic Cross spread and interpreting the cards for you.

Please note that, whilst I focus on your question when doing your reading, the answer depends upon what cards come up and isn't always conclusive, i.e. doesn't always say a definite "yes or no" or give a specific time, but the cards always give some guidance.

For your own personal Tarot reading, this is what you need to do...

1. email me at [email protected] to make sure I have time to do your online tarot reading. I will give you our earliest possible delivery date - I try to do your reading within a week of your request. Once you have received confirmation that we are able to do your reading within a mutually agreeable time: -

2. Sit in a quiet place and try to relax and concentrate. Write down the question you would like the cards to answer.

3. Thinking of your question, write down 12 random numbers between 1 and 78.

4. Send us your name, gender, date of birth, country where you live, your question and your 12 numbers, by email to [email protected]

5. When I receive your request, I will ask you to pay by paypal. Cost $45. 

I will spend 60 minutes studying and reading your chosen cards, and typing out the reading for you. I will also tune in psychically and pass on anything she gets this way. No expensive phone lines, no computer generated readings, no copied and pasted general interpretations.

Your reading is written especially for you, as close to a face to face tarot reading as I can get. Your unique personal tarot reading will be sent by email attachment on a word document.