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$40.00 Per Reading

Palm Reading

 What does a handreading consultation involve?

I ask your name, age (for dating on the hand), and whether you are left or right handed. I will need your hand prints(photocopy both sides)

I look at your hand shape, length and shape of fingers and thumbs, shape of fingernails, markings on nails, knuckles, skin texture, fingerprints, then the patterns, lines and markings on the palm.

I assess & analyse this, putting it all together like the pieces of a jigsaw, and explain my interpretation of what I see on your hands.

 You can ask questions you would like to know about but keep them under 3 question.

If there is a particular issue or area of life you would like to discuss, then please ask.

Please remove nail varnish before a reading. If you wear false nails, I won't be able to tell anything about your nails, but that is only a small part of the reading.

How does an online palmistry reading work?

You send me all the necessary ink prints and scans or photos of your hands,

I also need to know your gender, date of birth, whether you are right or left handed, and any questions you have about your hands or your life.

I will analyse your handprints, going through all aspects of your hands just as I do in a face to face consultation.

I send you my analysis by email report, as Word attachment , within one week of receiving clear hand pictures. If there is a delay for any reason, I let you know by email.

Written readings can take up to 2 hours to complete! Once you've received my report, I am happy to receive your feedback and answer any questions that arise from the reading.

Cost is $40 for a written report. 

If you are interested in an online palm reading, please email me at [email protected]