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Pendulum Reading

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Pendulum Reading

What is a Pendulum Reading

The pendulum reads exact energy patterns. Every living thing is surrounded by energy, some good and some bad. We can easily sense and distinguish different energies.

If you are in search of guidance, the yes or no oracle will provide you with honest responses for the questions you want to ask using the ancient art of Pendulum reading. For centuries people have consulted yes or no oracles to get a totally unbiased appraisal about all sorts of life issues, ranging from questions that deal with mundane affairs to queries about matters that are serious or potentially life altering. Where yes or no oracles are concerned, pendulum readings have no rival with regard to consistency, objectivity and levels of accuracy. Although the Tarot and other card methods can be used as a yes or no oracle, such systems are better suited to issues requiring in-depth exploration. Pendulum readings take a different approach, lasering in on a specific question to elicit a more direct , "no frills" YES or NO response along with an indicator of timing, where this is appropriate to your question.

Questions you can ask the Yes or No Oracle

The great thing about pendulum readings is that you can ask absolutely anything you like. The Yes or No Oracle can be approached for answers to everyday questions such as "will I pass my driving test?", "Has my mother bought me the present I wanted ?", "Is tomorrow a good day to ring up John?" through to the heavier queries such as "Does Jack want to marry me?", "Should I trust what Geoff is telling me?" etc. The Yes or No Oracle is also an extremely popular method of baby gender prediction, with current statistics evidencing an accuracy rate in the 90% + range.

What to expect from your Yes or No Oracle reading

A pendulum reading is designed to give you a concise YES or NO reply along with time frames, where applicable. If an ambiguous ("maybe") response is given, a Tarot card or similar will be drawn to further probe the question and provide you with some helpful insights to clarify things. You may ask FIVE questions for your Yes or No reading. These can all relate to one life area, or can be a mixture of questions about different things. Be sure that your questions are framed in a way that can be answered with a YES or NO. The Pendulum Oracle cannot explore questions that begin with "why?", "how?", "what?" etc. You can also ask the Yes or No Oracle questions about WHEN something will happen.