Melanie Bell Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant



Wow that's amazing, I can't stop reading my channel reading. Thank you so much you have helped me and my family more then you could know

Thanks so much <3

Sierra QLD

Melanie, You are amazing. This was so accurate I could have sworn you know me! You were spot on about my back injuries and so many things. Its like you are seeing everything via my eyes. OMG Thankyou so so much

Belinda WA

Melanie , I would like to take this opportunity to thank you

for the reading you did for me last month ,

I must say my relationship is blooming

and thanks to you guardiance , i'm very happy

with whats happening in my life as far as love ,

he is very intrested in starting a family with me,

and you spoke of my health ,i have had

blood tests done and the results were amazing

compared to the previous ones .

I must say Melanie this special talent you have is a

great gift and very spot on.

I'm very happy with everything you told me and it's

all happening .

I look forward to contacting you in the near future,

and you will be very highly recommended .

thank you

Marcia NSW

Thanks for a great reading melanie, will be sure to recommend you to others! x



Just wanted to say, thankyou for my reading and more importantly, your contact afterwards. You have helped me through what has been a difficult time and this just goes to show that your gift is is not at all about wealth, but truth and honesty.

Your ability to help people in ways that others can't, is amazing, and I have been blessed to experience this first hand. You have helped me be closer to the light and I can FINALLY see it and feel it much more clearly now!!! Once again, many thanks, God Bless Melanie!!!

Paula ACT

As i to have been very blessed to have meet melanie, i as well have been pushed to the edge where i couldnt see the light, thanks to mel she made me see the LIGHT and she has brought me closure to my life. Melanie has proven to me that she has the (GIFT) which has basically saved me in many ways. I cant stress enough how great it is to know someone who can bring happiness, love and joy with her knowledge of the after life and life as we are living today. So please if you know someone in dout then refer them off to melanie, as i promise shes the real deal. GOD BLESS


I can’t thank you enough for the reading you have done for me . I am in shock at how spot on you are. Thank you so much you have given me such hope.

Marcus QLD

"Have you ever wondered what the future holds for you? or maybe you need some clarification on a specific path in life to take. I was asking both these questions and was seeking some guidance and peice of mind, being at a time in my life where i felt all hope and help was gone. So i pushed my skeptisim aside and opened my mind to the natural talents of Mel. The best decision i have ever made. My direction in life is so much clearer and my life stresses are now easier to work through and deal with. I promise you will be amazed at the gift Mel has to offer and those who have experienced it already, im sure will agree. Thanks Mel, you have saved me from my thoughts eating me alive. Give it a go guys, so much worth it..."


Wow, you proved your ability within the first two sentences of your email reading by knowing about a person and situation that I had not told you about! Everything that you said resonated with my heart. I am uplifted from this experience.


Melanie has done a couple of readings for me now and I am thankful for all the work and insights she has provided. She is one of the few readers whose accuracy I totally trust. She is honest and straight forward with no guessing and I highly recommend Melanie.

Thank you for bringing me another step further on my life journey.


Melanie ur awsome everything u told me in my reading is true!! im ur number one fan!! thank u sooo much xxxxx

Ahlam ACT

A truly inspiring and life changing experience, I have found my readings to have incredible and almost uncanny insight into my inner self and what the future holds for me. Mel’s gift has amazed me, from only supplying her with a few questions she was able to accurately cover my past and current happenings in my life without any prompting. And readily available to answer any questions from my reading, highly recommended services you wouldn’t regret it.

Many Thanks

Dolores NSW

Thank you so much Melanie. Your reading has left me speech less; Your Gift is so amazing on how spot on you are. I am in shock that we are worlds apart but you still are able to tune in on me and give me this unbelievable reading. I can’t thank you enough; you have been one of the best medium I have ever ever had a reading from.

Jill New Jersey USA

Melanie u are amazing!! My reading was spot on even things i had told no one about u knew!! Thank you u have really settled my heart.


WOW!!! I am speechless...... I am absolutely amazed by your gift. You have given me more than I expected and every single thing made sense to me.. I can't thankyou enough for your messages. Very excited to being stepping forward... Thank you so very much!!! xox :)

Melissa QLD

Melanie's reading gave me hope in a very low time of my life. I have been to psychic's before who gave me vague information which was more like a guess. Previous psychic's asked me about my life, what I did for a living and other information which they then used to 'predict' my future. I asked Melanie 3 questions, her answers were specific and right on the mark! I would definitely ask Melanie to do another reading for me in the future.

Sarah NSW

Mel you are amazing! Even though my questions were really vague you answered them the way I was expecting! Your reading will/has helped me a lot! The reading was a bit of an emotional roller coaster but it was really nice to know my grandparents came to you during the reading :-) Thank you so much and I will be sending you more questions in the future!


Hey mel thanks for your reading, u nailed it on the head. Your gift is amazing and u are the real deal.... Thanx hun

Linda ACT

Melanie u are amazing!! My reading was spot on even things i had told no one about u knew!! Thank you u have really settled my heart.

Belinda ACT

As a 1st time customer I was really impressed with mel's reading. She was extremely precise noting detail of people who have passed in my life, Details such as initials, detailed physical descriptions, mannerisms ect. All clear signs of a medium that genuinely has a gift and ability. Mel was able to not just talk to my loved ones (... and deal with them being pushy demanding) but was able to give accurate details of my children's passions ( and with one, his gifts) and advise on my family's future. I was a skeptic having others in the past tell me they were talking to my father who mind you to this day is alive and took pot luck guesses based on my physical features what other loved ones who have passed looked like ( eg; in reference to my grandfather saying "oh this man has large brown eyes like you and gorgeous olive skin" when indeed these features couldn't have been further from the truth) Melanie didn't try to guess or fish for info, she asked for 6questions and she then gave the information. If anyone reading this is umm-ing and ahh-ing on weather they should give her a go, my advise is look about! You'll soon discover how expensive a medium can be and how many fonies are ready to collect your cash but possess no further skills then the ones they used to get you to part with your money. Melanie is most defiantly blessed with the medium gift and offers you the answers you desire and the good bye's or sorry's you seek for a fair price.

Rose NSW

Mel, you're amazing, 100 % Spot on! Thank you!


WOO actually really surprised how spot on you are. The messages from my mother made me cry, I have never told anyone about what had come up but for you to bring it up in your reading was mind blowing. Thanks You so very very much